Apr 30, 2006

And now a KYOAMPi update

Finally sat down and knit the last few rows of KYOAMPI Clue Two (Corn), except I lie, and didn't knit the very last row before the increase because I figured when I dropped something it'd be easier to pick up a row of plain stockinette stitch than a row with yarn overs and decreases ... which proved true. Bleah. After much fussing and grumbling, I managed to get this semi-anticlimactic photo:

Not even going to try for the "Surfer Girl" reconstruction (pic) tonight, I think. ;) But someday I'll post a bunch of recon pictures. (Anyone know if it's possible to go in and add keywords or categories to your Blogger posts so you can find them all more easily later? How the heck do you do it?)
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