Dec 23, 2011

Two-minute candy cane holder

Sometimes, one gets tired of not finishing craft projects. Instant gratification to the rescue! I got tired of the candy canes sitting and taking up space in their original box on the counter, so I took one of the oatmeal cans we saved for occasions just like this, wrapped some of the box around the can, and taped it. Voila!

Two-minute candy cane canister

Looks pretty decent for something that uses two pieces of "trash" and some Scotch tape, huh?

That photo comes to you care of my new iPod Touch, by the way. That was an unexpected Black Friday score, and my way of keeping myself from pining away for an iPad. ;)

Oh, and if you're wondering why our candy canes aren't on the tree, well, this is our tree:

Tiny rosemary tree

I think we could probably fit a couple of candy canes on there, but ... I also think the tree might arguably fit into the candy cane canister. So ... yeah. Not the most efficient candy-cane-holding tree. At least it tastes good, itself. ;)

So how's your holiday setup look? :D
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