Aug 22, 2011

In which I acquire an alpaca (sort of), and dye some Florida wool

You wouldn't think an alpaca would fit in someone's luggage, right? Well, this little guy did:

Alpaca on the mountain

He was a gift from the first mate's parents; they picked him up in Colorado. Of course I've already misplaced Ha-HA! I found the card that came with him, from which I gather he comes to me by way of Alpaca Exotic Imports. Thanks, O parents of the first mate, for the pettable furry thing that requires no feeding. ;)

(That "mountain" he's climbing is the handspun I finished/made during this year's Tour de Fleece, by the way.)

I also recently kettle-dyed a sample of Gulf Coast fleece that came from my very own home state, Florida, but which went for a visit to Laura of Dew Dance Farm before it came to me. I dyed it an appropriately oceany color (it's almost like I don't know there are other colors ;)) and am now pondering what to spin it into. Voila, le Gulf Coast!

Gulf Coast fleece

Hope you've all been up to some summery fun — I've been working on a few surprises, myself. ;D
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