Apr 29, 2006

Status update: dull run-down type stuff

Sooo, for personal reference...

Last night I did a random shirt recon -- dug around in an old bag of clothes my sister gave me a while ago that I took with this sort of thing in mind, and picked out a "Surfer Girl" shirt to cut up and make into a summery type top.

Today I knit part of a hanging-type dishcloth that I'm making mostly because we need one and because I obsessively start new projects. ;) No progress on any of the other knitty things.

I also did another recon today: turned a "Girlie" t-shirt into a sporty skirt, with the help of a few other t-shirts for trim and such. Definitely in the established Me style of Random Strips Pieced Together for Contrast, which you can semi-see in the sleeves of this costume:


(Which I have thumbnailed because I'm too lazy to go and upload a version of that picture at a reduced size just to post here.)

Yesterday I also made up some lickety-split "background papers" for a swap (meaning I had completely forgotten I'd signed up for the swap and had been ignoring all the reminders till the hostess emailed me personally to see if I was "still in"):

...which I sent in a cute painted envelope:

(Yes, that is also my cute little foot in the shot, because I used the viewfinder and not the viewscreen when taking the picture.)

I even managed to bind all my mini-books and remember that I hadn't gotten the swap hostess's address, so I emailed her; but perhaps she doesn't want me participating any more since I objected to her phrasing in an email where she objected to something I couldn't tell Gmail was perpetuating (because Gmail is efficient like that and hides stuff like the subject lines of replies by default). ;) Anyway, mini-books, bound!

But I have been a bad girl and have not worked on any mail art or altered art or swap packages today, although I did poke at a couple of swaps yesterday before deciding that they still need some padding (in terms of Fun Stuffs) before I send them out. But for some reason I'm being mildly laid back about those deadlines at the moment; I can stress over them if I think about them too long, but they're not inherently bugging me like deadlines sometimes do.

I'm sure I'll work on something else tonight, anyway, and possibly when my camera batteries are charged again I'll post some images to accompany my boring status update [done!].
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