Apr 16, 2006

An entire pound! Of tea and spinning fiber

Gosh. I just came across another blog post (someone else's, obviously ;)) that contained the words "an entire frickin' pound of roving."

I feel like my friend Hayley did when someone on the Internet applied the words "copious [or was it excessive?] amounts of tea" to three or four cups a day. Hayley is British. Hayley casually sends me tea in three-quarters-of-a-pound amounts. Hayley knows the meaning of copious/excessive amounts of tea. ;) But after all, they sell tea in half pound packages there (those are the somewhat pitifully small ones) and know that's liable to disappear in a couple of weeks ... or less if you havef flatmates who share (or "borrow" ;)).

And thanks to my lovelylovely fiber addiction and my still-growing stash of (say) fifteen to twenty pounds of fiber, I now find the idea of "an ENTIRE pound!" of roving sort of hysterically hilarious. ;) I really need some glass jars to stash my stash in, and then I can arrange it on a shelf and take a photograph of it. It's starting to be kind of like my tea hoard, except that I don't find spinning fiber at the supermarket and compulsively buy a box because I haven't had that flavor before.

...drat. ;)
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