Apr 22, 2006

Flying sheep!

I just have to save this link, because it contains a little flying sheep in a picture full of little furiously running sheep. It's too funny for me not to save. And this time, I've even remembered to note whose blog I stole it from. ;D

Have spun up a bunch of the Spring Misty and some teeny bits of other random wools for trade (I keep calling it a RAK but it's really a trade; sigh! Brain not functioning!). This brings the grand total of handspuns for the trade to three, plus three non-handspun yarns, plus about five sheets of marbled paper (color photocopies of the originals). Somehow I feel like that's not enough, so I may dig through the stash and see what other fluffies I can bear to part with in exchange for a neat-sounding book on an "enchanted" castle. It's 64 pages, an oversized paperback (I think with color photos, or maybe the entire thing is color, dunno), but five dollars' worth (estimating by the photocopy price) of marbled paper and a teeny bit of handspun yarn (~3 yards green and pink crazyfluffy wool, ~1.5 yards blue semicrazyfluffy Romney, and 6ish? yards of pink and purple Merino) doesn't seem like enough for a cool book...

Okay, I've now added ~2.5 yards of tussah silk (mostly natural colored, but it does have a little dye in it, mostly very light tints of gold and burgundy) plied with light turquoise thread.

...and now (much later, after I come back and realize I never did post this post ;)), I've made some paper to include in the trade. Whew. I feel better. ;D

(Still need to set the twist in those yarns, though, and spin those samples...!)
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