Apr 17, 2006

The Mystery Pi Shawl grows / image famine

Those subjects are actually related.

Tangent: I need to stop thinking of this blog as some kind of vehicle for communicating with other people RIGHT NOW. It's not that it isn't; I just shouldn't think about it like that. It makes me write differently and I Don't Like It Dangit.

On the other hand, I've had like three hours of sleep (all right, a little more, but I should get some credit for prolonged sleep deprivation anyway) lately because of Random Projectage, which is some excuse for incoherence and disconnected subjects.

Okay, anyway. I was going to say, I actually have cast on the Knit Your Own Adventure Mystery Pi Shawl (I'd use the abbreviation but it takes me less time to type the entire thing out than to think long enough to remember the abbreviation), so I'm not completely slacking for once, but I haven't taken any photos of it because right now it's a vaguely sacklike amoeba-ish green shape on some double-pointed needles, and I'm too lazy to go and arrange it to take a good picture of it, much less try to get decent lighting. And here we see one of the reasons why I haven't bothered doing this Exciting Blog of My Life thing that everyone else has been doing for years, now. I did the "oooo, cameras are nifty!" thing in high school with my clicky camera and learning to develop and print my own black and white film and photos, and digital cameras are neat, and all, but they're too easy. I always put easy things off. I spurn easy things. It's not intentional, but I think it must be related to doing things for myself. Those projects for me and not Required For Someone Else always get put off almost till I can't help but do them because I'm so fricking bored and everything else is actually finished for once.

(And you know how much that's likely to happen.)

Plus, I'm simultaneously too lazy to go dig out the camera, plug it in, wait for it to show up on the desktop, and then have to beat down iPhoto because I still haven't figured out how to make it stop opening every time I plug in the camera. And that's not even counting time I don't feel like spending playing with the photos themselves and the way they display in the blog, in order for me to be satisfied with the entire thing. If this blog is for me, then lazy it shall be!

(And it is.) So far this "blog" (I hesitate to even give it the name although it's on Blogger, since it's pretty sub-par compared to everyone else's nifty picked-at super-improved linkful blogs) is living up to my expectations of being image-thin, as opposed to image-heavy, as they seem to say so often on Craftster. And who wants to read my blather without pretties to go along with them? Anyone? This is the Internet. People like visual pretties, right?

So I expect like nobody to ever read this past once or twice. It really is my reference blog. Mwah to those of you who bother and who accept me with the grace, compassion, humor, sisterhood (or brotherhood), and enthusiasm I desire. Woo.
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