Apr 21, 2006

KYOAMPi: re-do

Here's KYOAMPi v2:

I ripped the entire thing and re-did most of the "pre-clue" portion at the eye doctor today while waiting for my mother to be done with her appointment; and then I did through the clue (I chose option C: the 3x3 leaf) tonight, mostly before the second clue was posted. And then I spent like an hour writing and sending rejection letters and cleaning up the files section of the submissions group and other such adminly things ... Always a good way to make sure my brain is fried before I have to stare at tiny strings for further brain-fryage points. ;) The lace portion of the shawl isn't really visible in that shot, and I do have a shot of it, but it's not very exciting right now, I promise. Anyway, I did fulfill my Knitting in Public obligation for this week at least.

I also washed up some brown llama and am waiting for it to dry on a drying rack in the bathtub, so I can spin up some samples for doll hair.

The next few days shall contain: sample spinning, RAK spinning, mini-books for a swap, hopefully put-togetherage of more RAK packages, and continued knitting on the KYOAMPi. Whee.
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