Apr 20, 2006

Giganto list of knitted UFOs

Since I haven't gone all cool yet and customized my blog template, I'm just going to try to list my unfinished knitted objects here. I keep thinking of new projects that would be "awesome" to do, but then I immediately think, But there are all those things I haven't finished yet! So in the spirit of "use what I have" month (which I came across in someone else's blog and forgot to bookmark to give credit -- oops!), I'm nudging myself toward a "use up what I have" flavored version, that is -- use up the stash I have sitting in reserve specifically for those UFOs. I don't know about anyone else, but my yarns get "assigned" to a bag with their respective project and I very rarely steal the yarn from one project for another unless I'm seriously considering abandoning the original project entirely. Sometimes I refuse to steal the needles out of a project for fear of turning it into an abandoned project because I don't feel like slipping the stitches off whatever they're on and back onto the needle I want to use. (I already have at least one of those sitting around...) So: UFOs.

Capelet thing from Winter 2006 issue of I think k.1
Knit trash can (might scrap it -- ha, ha ... -- if I decide on a more efficient/more pleasing way to make a trash can for the bathroom)
Wool pirate hat to be felted and dyed
Lace Zenlike sweater thing from one of last year's magazines
Blue Licorice and sparkly white vest from first issue of k.1
Arbitrary green cropped sweater thing I started to use up some of the Wool-Ease leftovers stash
Purple Adamas shawl
KYOAMPi garden shawl
Purple chenille fingerless gloves, of which I have one sans cuff
"Magic" stretchy furry scarf

That list looks kind of short. [Note: It looks better, in the sense of more accurate, now after adding the last two items. ;)] Maybe mentally I'm including things I haven't started yet, like...

Baby present for Liliana
Brioche stitch scarf for a RAK
Corkscrew scarf for myself
Some arbitrary summer sweater for WI trip
Another interesting knit object for indie swap
Various socks for Ben (possibly Elizabeth Zimmermann's moccasin socks to start with)
Socks for an LJ person who shall remain nameless
The Really Nameless Secret Project for someone on a Yahoogroup who must definitely remain nameless ;)
Virginia's chenille and cable scarf v.2 (technically I already finished this, but I'm going to re-make it since the original got stolen ... sigh -- but at least I know it was attractive enough to steal *rolls eyes*)

I just had this random idea that I should make another pair of the fingerless gloves in an olivey green with long shaped seed stitch cuffs. Oyyyy. Because I need another project in progress. ;)

Oh, well, at least I can rest assured I'm not the only crazy knitter in the world who has eight million things going at once.
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