Apr 26, 2006

Attack of the washcloths!

They're taking over! I've discovered that I can get two washcloths out of a 2 oz. ball of worsted weight cotton yarn, which, indeed, means I've knit two washcloths in the past day or so, and am halfway through another as I type. Who went today and bought six balls of worsted weight cotton? Certes, not I!

...I lie. Le sigh. ;)

And I'm planning on knitting at least two more for RAKs and swaps. And then maybe I'll knit one for me.

Funny thing, about everything I've knit recently has been circular. The Pi shawl, these washcloths, even the socks if you count them as circular because they're tubes. (Not that I'm done with them yet. I currently have half of one sock, too. But at least I got past the bizarre instructions in the pattern...) When I knit that dishcloth, that'll nip that in the bud, but I may not get to that until next month, so I could still call this the month of knitting circles.

And all this washcloth knitting has made me think: hey, I should knit seven washcloths in the colors of the chakras, decorate them with beads, and string them all together in the proper chakra order as a decoration!

Because yeah. I really need to knit more washcloths right now. ;D

Dang me, dang me, dang me...
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