Apr 23, 2006

On Baxil Standard Time

It's still the 22nd, so that's the day I mean when I say "today." (Meaning, I haven't gone to sleep yet so even though the calendar says it's the 23rd, it's the 22nd to me.)

Today: I...

Sorted some fleeces...

...and didn't sort others. (I'm washing the latest Columbia before I do anything with it. It's a bit too mucky for me not to ... and the Shetland didn't look like it needed much sorting, or if it does, I can't tell how to do it with the dirt on the fleece. The llama really needs to be shaken thoroughly on a screen or something before I wash it all because there's no use in washing it if all the VM is just going to get washed and stay in with the fiber ... but I did sort the Corriedale? ;)) In other fibery news, I even spun all the samples I said I would spin, and earlier in the day I tried steam blocking for the first time. I'm going to do some more steam blocking tomorrow on those samples.

Also tried to reconstruct a shirt...

...and got almost all the way done, but was ultimately too lazy to overlock the side seams yet again because I'm so dang small and the fabric is so dang stretchy. It's now a tube top. Exciting. I have a pile of other t-shirts to reconstruct that will hopefully be more original.

Then I worked on the jewelry for a trade on Etsy, so that now I have one funkychunkypinkandorange yarn necklace with loopies, a pair of pink and purple berrylike earrings that I actually think I would wear if they were mine and I had anything they matched even vaguely, and one of the few strung necklaces I've ever done in my life, and I wonder if this one will fit the bill of Fun and Funky and Wild. (I always have that problem with stringing. I'll get better at it ... someday?) All of it is currently stuffed in half of a largish Easter Egg tin I found at the thrift store:

I'm not sure i'm going to work on the KYOAMPi tonight, even though I'd like to. I have to sleep sometime, though it'd be easier convincing myself to sleep and do things tomorrow if I knew I'd actually bother waking up in the morning when I don't "have" to, thus enabling myself to actually do things tomorrow. ;)

Now, off to waffle over whether to work on it or stay up even more insanely late doing something else!
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