Apr 20, 2006

Thrift store art revamp challenge

There's a challenge going on at Craftster involving taking a piece of horrid thrift store art and revamping (I like to think of it as "rescuing") it into something theoretically better. This is my victim:

Not as horrid as some I've seen, but horrid enough. It looks somewhat more horrid in person than in the picture; the wood is that light, somewhat yellowy, possibly pine-ish color that annoys me so much (although I know that's a personal preference of mine for non-yellowish colors). And it was 99¢, which was also good for me. ;) I think I'm going to stick with some or most of the basic lines (I do like the idea of the "starry" diamondy pattern on the frame area), but add colors and embellishments. I may even attempt to make it into something functional, although I'm not sure yet what a ten by eighteen (or so, at a guess) semi-decorative piece of wood should be made into in a more useful incarnation.
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