Apr 18, 2006

KYOAMPi muckiness and Columbia fluffies

I said earlier that I actually cast on my KYOAMPi shawl and was working on it -- amazing, and all that jazz. I should have added right then that I'd probably end up ripping it out again since that's what always happens when things seem to be going unusually well. Case in point:

That's the inside of the my KYOAMPi shawl...

...or wait! Is that the inside? Who can tell? (Particularly since it looks like a little green lace Millennium Falcon, and if that isn't distracting, what is?)

Because, see, at one point after I ripped everything out to the lifeline, handed it to the Significant Other (who has been designated the Official Stitch Put-Back-Onner for when I have to rip), and then came back to it ... I was knitting in the wrong direction. Like, so wrong that from that point on I was knitting purl bumps to the outside instead of the inside. (And I wondered why the lace pattern looked so weird...) Normally when I'm knitting in the round and have to rip back I'm magically smart and don't do this (okay, probably it has something to do with the nature of knitting lace in the round ;)), but of course usually I'm rushing and ignoring everything but my knitting as opposed to doing a leisurely knit-along between other projects. So now I'm going to end up ripping the entire thing out to the beginning and starting over from the cast on, because of course I moved the lifeline up and I'm probably going to be too "lazy" to figure out a logical place to rip back to, and where it corresponds to the pattern. I'm sure it's possible, I just probably won't feel like thinking about it that much. ;) Plus I have this niggling feeling there are imperfections I "should" fix, anyway. But maybe I'll get lucky and decide to go look up the instructions I came across the other day that say how to run a line needle through your knitting before you rip back (I've tried it before and I'm just too darned unwilling to pay that much attention, most of the time; but no duh I don't always pay attention to my knitting, or I wouldn't do things like knitting twelve rows inside-out before being sure I really was doing it).

Oh, well. I don't really mind the ripping out part. Mostly I'll be sad because I think the lace pattern would have been neat and pretty and this was my very first lace knitted in the round.

But at least I finally got some of my First Fleece processed through to its just-pre-spinning form:

(There's flash reflection in that photo; the balls of combed top are actually greener than that, though not as green as the yet-uncombed stuff in the background, which was dyed with a different ... yeah, yeah, flavor of Kool-Aid ... ;)) It's some Columbia wool I bought off eBay, and it came looking like this:

I had no idea what to expect it would look like once I had it combed, but it was AWESOME to comb and I love those little smooth fluffy ball-nest things I got out of it. But I also loved the Cotswold I got off eBay that Forced me to buy a set of wool combs, which came looking like this:

And now looks like this:

(Those white balls in the front are ... either Border Leicester or English Leicester [er, if those really are different and my brain isn't using its zoniness as an excuse to make things up], a sample that was kindly included with the combs.)

I guess I just really like processing wool. ;) The Cotswold and the Columbia behave completely differently (duh!) and I loves! Loves loves loves!

Also: signed up for a dyeing exchange on one of my spinny lists, and today I became the new owner of the Costume_Closet Yahoogroup because the original owner has decided she needs to simplify her life. I've been helping out as a mod for a while and I happened to be the first person to email her when she asked who wanted to take over ... She called it Kismet and was happy, so I'm willing to go along with it. ;D Yay! Costumey goodness! Now maybe I'll actually organize some of those things I was thinking it would be cool to do on that list, but which I didn't want to bother the owner with because I knew she was busy...

And now I've made up for the previous dearth of images. Feast or famine around here, but I guess I always do do that swinging between extremes thing.
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