Apr 24, 2006

Not that I'm obsessed right now

But I'm going for the world record for the number of blog posts in one day. ;P Wrapping a yarn ball with little gift inclusions is the coolest idea. I should try that for someone on RAK Wish List or bday_packages who asks for yarn...

In other news, I'm having another Impetuous Knitting Project moment. I'm part of the way through a pair of socks for my Sock Hop swap partner. Technically, I've already sent her a package that meets the stated requirements for the swap, but ... I really wanted to knit her some socks, no matter how cool those Pink Panther socks really are. ;) There's just a dearth of sock yarn around here, and the closest LYS is mildly expensive and run by a semi-bitchy lady who doesn't have the same color palette tastes as I have so while I often love the yarn itself I have trouble finding the colors I really want. I also wanted to make the knit socks either fantasy-themed or yoga-themed because said swap partner likes those things and so do I and I thought it'd be cool. But the lack of sock yarn and the lack of a fun pattern stymied me, so I sent the store-bought socks. Then along came the yoga socks!

So now I'm making a pair currently in some olive green I had left over from making Virginia's seed stitch scarf last year. (See? I'm trying to use up my stash now! I admit I did have thoughts of going and buying some fun, brightly colored yarn, but I exerted some discipline and made do with what I have. I hope my Sock Hop partner doesn't mind. I think green is rather yoga-ish anyway.)

And while I'm at it, I may try to combine the Pincushion Challenge with a swap and make a pin cushion for my indie secret pal swap partner. There, that's how you do seventeen things at once -- you combine them so you get points across the board for just doing four or five projects.

Ha, ha, ha ... just four or five...
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