May 5, 2006

Through the looking glass

That's what I'm calling my revamped thrift art. :D

WHEW. I actually did something that nobody made me do. Something I didn't owe anyone. Something that had a deadline, and even if I did it at the last second, even if I still think I want to add more embellishments, I DID IT!

The before picture is here, by the way, for those of you who didn't see it.

I was actually thinking of adding some crackle glaze to part of the frame to make it look more aged, but I didn't do that before I took the photo. I had paused and the deadline for the challenge is today, and I figured, might as well take a photo and post it the way it is and get something posted in time...

In other news, I have one mini book done (::rolls eyes:: ONE WHOLE BOOK!), but I started with Fire because I figured it'd take me the longest, and now I have Air, Water, and Earth to do, which should go more quickly once I actually set to working on them. My article formatting is also done (except for a seriously minor niggle I might just leave), and I did all the cover papers for the 'zine and sent them Priority yesterday. Whew again, I say, whew. I finally have my swap item for the "piece of clothing" swap that was technically supposed to get sent today (bah, I shall send it tonight at the APC and that will be enough!), too. Whee. Playing catch-up.

I still think it's so cool that I actually did enough of this challenge that I felt okay posting it as an entry, without it being an obligation to anyone but me. Wow. I did something not for anyone else. Something that involves other people. Something for a contest and not a swap. A "glory" type thing and not a "giving" type thing. Wow.

(I'll be less amazed tomorrow, or however long it takes me to go into a less stressed state where I'm not groping for things to feel Amazingly Good about. ;D I'll still think it was cool that I managed to enter, though. ;))

Oh! And I got some awesome ATCs today from my initial exchange swap partner, and a yesterday big box of really great-looking tea from the Tea Time swap. I also went and bought one of the teas *I* am going to send for my portion of the swap. ::beams:: Mail is happiness.
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