Aug 3, 2006

I got fied!

Someone on Swap-bot posted a comment along with a swap rating for me which contains the words "Fie on you!" I entirely deserve the rating of 1 (after all, I haven't sent her necklace yet, have I now? And that's what a rating of 1 means ;)), but apparently she thinks it's safe -- even wise? -- to alienate people by posting whingy comments in their ratings. I particularly admire that she took the time to write a whingy comment but not to send a message or read my profile ... since my profile contains a note at the top saying that I Really Am going to send late packages to people so they shouldn't get their knickers in a twist (well, unless they really want to). Brava! Not out to spread peace or joy or win any popularity contests, I take it -- no, no! Rather, pursue the goal of spreading nastiness because you didn't get your pretties! That'll teach us late people and the real freeloaders who just want you to send them stuff for free! Yeah!

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