Aug 17, 2006

Recon pics!

To make myself feel better after the mini fiber fiasco of earlier, I did some quick 'n' easy reconstruction stuff ... which means I get to cross stuff off my to-do list, too. ;D Tricksy, I am ... anyway, pics.

First, the "princess" top with empire waist and side gores, taken from 99 ways to cut, sew, trim and tie your t-shirt into something special, in which it is idea #40, "river" -- I'm just calling it "princess" because that's what it reminds me of. ;) It's really dark purple and not black as it may appear in the photo, but that's what I get for having eternally bad lighting and a Nile-sized lazy streak when it comes to photographing stuff I have no intention of selling. ;) Oh, and for using the built-in camera. I did try to take a photo with the Real digital camera, actually, but then the batteries ran out and I'm charging another set and wanted to post in the meantime. So the appearance of laziness ensues. ;D This shirt was originally a V-neck t-shirt with lovely fabric but which, like most V-necks, looked horrid on me. The new look is ... slightly nonstandard but at least not generic V-neck crap. Moderate improvement. ;D

Next up is the "Parrot-ise" shirt, reconned from an old blood donor shirt found in a bag full of old clothes my sister didn't want. Imagine the usual ridiculously overhuge L/XL type "one-size-fits-all" t-shirt. This is the reincarnate version, idea #20, "miriam" from 99 ways again:

Exciting? Kinda, anyway. There are probably a million other things I "should" be doing, but it's nice to be able to cross more little things off the list immediatement...
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