Aug 16, 2006

Outgoing! and the Spin to Knit exchange ... yum!

Some swap boxes will be outgoing tonight! The uber-late Summer Holiday exchange packages to partners in America specifically, and then tomorrow the international packages will go out, so I'll finally be able to check that one off my list ... excitement! And once I weave in the tails on that washcloth, I'll have the hand-made soap swap ready to go, too. Here's a crappy photo of the latest batch of soaps (just melt 'n' pours, but hey, I'm a soap newbie):

Speaking of washcloths, I cast on the mitered washcloth pattern from Strings and Sealing Wax today just to see how it works. If it comes out looking nice enough, I may give this one to Brian and thus be able to check another item off my list. (Not that I'm going for all the small ones at the moment, or anything. ;P)

Also: Interweave Press is doing a handspun yarn exchange to celebrate the publication of Spin to Knit ... oooo. I want to play! I hope someone reminds me of this when it comes around, or maybe I'll manage to somehow remember it on my own. ;)
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