Aug 14, 2006

The ordering of yarn

(Kind of like the ad-dressing of cats.)

Put in a KnitPicks order today for the yarn and needles for Beth's shawl, and I also ordered a ball of Shine Worsted to see how light it is and whether, indeed, it is too shiny. ;) I'm considering using it for Brian's hoodie since it's a cotton blend (like all his current favorite sweaters) and it's not insanely expensive. I'm not sure whether the color range is going to have what I need, but heck, I can always overdye the yarn a darker blue. I also really kinda want to make him a wool or wool-blend hoodie for the, like, two times it might be cold this Florida winter ... "really kinda" meaning I know it's random and I want to make sure he likes handknit sweaters before I go and do that. Oh, yes, and I still challenge the boyfriend curse to a duel. ;D Oh, and note to self: should check yardage and prices on that fluffy cotton/wool yarn from Jo-Ann. It would definitely need an overdye (while Brian might wear a pastel hoodie, I think I'll avoid that for now ;)), but it is all light and soft and appealing...

And checking out, the TLC Cotton Plus looks promising. I almost put in an order today, but neither of the free shipping codes in my sales flyers applies to today's date ... drat. If I can wait till the nineteenth, and actually remember (which is the real kicker ;)), then I can put in the code from the latest flyer and get free shipping on several balls of Cotton Plus in different trial colors. Wooo. I'll probably lose any mental notes I make, so I'm making a note here in hopes it will somehow manage to help.
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