Aug 9, 2006

And a pin cushion in a pear tree

There are gobs of sewy things that cry out to be done, too:

*Wicked fairy (a la the one who curses people because she didn't get invited to the christening ;)) Hallowe'en costume for Brian's party
*Recon: Brian shirt into...? for August whip-up [okay, since August is over and I haven't done this, this is just for fun now ;)]
*Victorian dress (someday, like for instance one of those days in my dreams)
*Mother's dress for Beth's wedding [Too late! ;)]
*Possibly a dress for me for Beth's wedding [Not going after all ... doh! Thank you, Pirate Fair rehearsals. ;)]
*Pin cushion for another Very Late swap, indie-style [August 30ish: decided to make the supplies for this into a kit to go in the swap box ... after all, the recipient is another sewing person...]
*Finish the Moiraine costume for D*Con if possible - meaning put in the button holes, hem it, and make the undergarments, plus making any fitting adjustments that can reasonably be made at this point [September 07: jury-rigged undergarment is done, buttonholes are marked, hem is pinned, and the con is past so the deadline is reset to next year ;)]
*Eyeglasses bag for the father's birthday [finished August 21]
*Possibly some tote bags for Very Late Summer Swap (after all, I have the fabric already...) [August 16: okay, or not, since I'd rather not make these things any later than they already are ;)]
*Recon: purple shirt, one of those ideas from the 99 ways book [finished: August 17 - counting this one as done because I could technically wear it the way it is, meaning both side gores are now right-side out ;)]
*Recon: finish the "beachy" type shirt from the 99 ways book [August 17]
*Recon: add darts? to the Surfer Girl shirt I tried with an idea from Generation T [August 17 - taking this one off the list after trying it on again ... I may mess with it at some point in the future but it's really not all that bad ... :D]

I know there's more than that ... Will update as they resurface in the bog of my brain. :D

Oh! I know. One of them is that since August is recon month for the Whiplash competition, I have an excuse to do that recon from an old "borrowed" shirt. Cackle. And that reminds me that some of my sewy things that cry out for doing are recons, and shall add to the list accordingly.
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