Aug 17, 2006


I need a real niddy-noddy, or better yet, a reel ... with a yardage counter, if possible. The slapdash thing Ben made me wielded its jury-rigged power on me today and tangled a skein of freshly spun yarn I'd intended on trying to set so I could make a Magic Yarn Ball out of it ... but of course the yardage is too short, too, and I'm not entirely sure the weight of the yarn is consistent enough for me to inflict it on someone else. Bleahh. I'm currently in need of food, so my brain isn't feeling particularly cooperative in coming up with a response to this. Should I spin up another full skein, making sure I go over the required yardage this time, and since I won't be pausing in the middle for a while the weight won't change suspiciously in the middle of the skein? Or should I spin up some more of the same wool and join it onto the stuff I've already spun, if I can manage to find the ends of it in the semi-salvaged skein shaped thingie?

I was having a pretty good spinning day -- no annoying weak spots, good control over drafting, all my joins were coming out decently, decent success with the cone-on-cone wind-on to the spindle, and spinning from the pre-split roving was going well ... meh. I know what I really should do is go eat something and then come back to this, but in order to do that I have to answer another question: what the heck should I eat that will actually nourish my poor demanding brain? ;) Possibly a harder question to answer than the other ones...
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