Aug 9, 2006

Plugging along...

I have finished, sans weaving in of tails, four out of five head scarves for a Very Late Swap. Whew. One more to go ... Also mostly finished Brian's shower scrubbie, except that I didn't finish the loopy bit because I wasn't sure whether he'd rather have it hang from a hook or attached to a suction cup.

Other projects actually on needles:

*Toeless socks for Brian - technically still in progress, should finish sometime soon ;) [finished August 14]
*Leaf scarf for Shari - nowhere near even halfway done, not sure when this will get done, but probably before winter ;)
*Knit cotton skirt for me - maybe an eighth to a quarter done, not really sure, and I'd better finish this darn thing before the end of the month ;D

Projects that need to get done at some specific point:

*Beth's shawl as a wedding present
*Hoodie for Brian (I challenge the boyfriend curse to a duel! This will probably be either a birthday or a Christmas present)
*Virginia's scarf re-do (probably for Christmas again ;))
*Wash cloth to go with Very Late hand-made soap swap [found a cache of washcloths I knit earlier]

"Extra" stuff I want to do (meaning things that have no particular deadline on them):

*Wash cloth for Ben [finished: August 14]
*Wash cloth(s) for Brian because dang, his kitchen wipey cloth is old and uggy [finished: August 17]
*1930 from Knitty, because I've been enamored of the idea of knitting a bra for me for a while
*Allusion from Knitty because now I have someone who will appreciate it visibly ;D
*Some kind of bag/basket for Ben's bicycle
*KYOAMPi shawl - no, this isn't finished yet because it is suffering from the dreaded Things For Me curse
*Mystery Stole 2 from another knitalong, which I haven't even started yet but is too pretty for me not to want to do, and I think I even have the yarn for it already since I bought it for a project for someone without knowing she's allergic to wool -- oops ;)
*Felted tricorn hat from wool donated by Ben's grandmother, to be dyed with black walnuts from Ben's parents' farm [added August 14]
*Striped socks for Shari [added August 14]
*Socks for me [added August 14]
*Moiraine stockings - I'd put a deadline on these but it would be ridiculous to try to get them done by Dragon*Con for the costume, so really the deadline is, like Labor Day weekend of next year and virtually doesn't count ;) [added August 14]

I actually tried out my new hand carders last night (rather than run off and watch Brian sleep on the floor for the night ;)), and I definitely like making rolags and batts, but goddang, I still think they're ugly. ;) I'm finally processing that wool I got from Misty at Desired Haven Farm, which is a Romney/Dorset/Rambouillet, or something like that. It reminds me a little of the Columbia I have as far as staple length and color (haven't got to the black yet), but I think the Columbia had more lanolin in (and definitely less VM, though that's not breed-specific, is it? ;)) and the Columbia seems softer. Mmm, Columbia. I think I'm going to try to convince myself to attempt the entire basket of wool. It's only a pound or so, but it Needs to Get Done, along with eight million other things around here. Slowly cleaning up and finishing projects, though ... and I might even get done in time to start on Christmas presents early. ;)

More things that occur to me that Should Be Done:

*I should finish spinning up that coral/peach yarn so I can set it and send it for my Very Late magic yarn ball swap.
*And there are a couple of necklaces I should do for another Very Late swap,
*and a postcard,
*and some button covers. [swap is getting swapped without me, apparently, which is totally okay, considering ;)]
*And I should start on my Gleaner 'Zine swap 'zines RIGHT NOW (that being defined as "as soon as I catch up with everything that's late" ;)) so that I don't end up dropping that one like I dropped Dark and Dangerous.
*Oh, and a shrine. Dang.
*Puzzle swap pieces for Eccentric Pastiche [added August 14]
*Eventually, the ornaments for the Eccentric Pastiche swap [added August 14]

In other news not related in any way I can fathom to lateness, heads up: if I don't waffle my way out of it and if Something doesn't occur to keep it from happening (which seems like the way my life tends to go, so I'm not really expecting Goodness ;)), I may actually have a spinning wheel sometime in the next few months. Brian is planning on refinancing, and that means there will be some extra money floating around...

...Of course, I may end up convincing myself I need a kiln more. I don't know. ;) Mmm, precious metal clay. Mmmm, raku. Mmm, dichroic glass...

Anyway, off to play with fluffies!

Blathery later addition to post: I just realized I could put up my flappy (that is, convertible) mittens made from the lovely magic yarn ball I received on the Skein-along blog! Wooo! I managed to do one of my blog-button -along type things without even knowing it! Go me! Ack ... Thinking about it, the pattern is from Handknit Holidays. That means ... I managed to make one object serve two of my blog-button participation projects! (The other one being the Handknit Holidays-along.)

Gosh. I'm not as slacker as I thought, am I? ;)
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