Aug 17, 2006

Pointless dramatic badly lit washcloth photos

Finished Brian's reverse mitered washcloth, too, so eventually there will be a boring and probably equally badly lit photo or two of that. ;) The cotton skirt is about, say, a quarter done not counting seams and all that, and I cast on the second half of the skirt tonight ... Let the countdown begin to the finish line of the Skirt For Me. I really want to knit Allusion next, and it's actually because of the Brian washcloth -- I tested the look of that plain ol' white cotton garter stitch pulled out tight like it is in Allusion, and I likes. Since I have a bunch of white yarn that I bought for $1 a ball just in case I didn't have enough yarn for the eyelet portion of the skirt, and I think the white yarn would look good ... I really should finish the skirt before I start Allusion, even though the top may take way less time to finish than the skirt. Laaa ... A million other things I should be working on, but for the moment I think I'll go to bed and try to have happy Brianful dreams. (Can anyone tell what I'm considering making the subject of my next 'zine? No? Hint: It starts with a "B" and it appears on this page possibly as many times as the word "yarn." Yeccch, I'm one of Those people ... one of those sickening people with an SO who gets mentioned constantly in a positive light ... ewwwww. ;) I think I'm coming up for a Misanthrope Guild reassessment, but at least they can't take away my Young Spinster card, because now I literally am one. ;D)
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