Jan 3, 2010

You're invited to craft your butt off ... or bust!

Velma beat me to it! That's a link to her inestimable blog, or rather, a link to her first Craft or Bust post ... and as you can tell from her Most Enlightening graphic, we're starting something COO.

Check it: Today's the first day of Craft or Bust 2010 — in which I attempt to craft every week for all the weeks of 2010, and henceforth maintain happy, juicy, snarkyfun, crafty productivity.

I hereby challenge myself:
  • to work on at least one craft project per week in 2010;
  • to capture photographic evidence of said work;
  • to post a weekly blog update containing the above evidence and written testimony as to What Has Been Crafted.
Note that I'm trying to craft every week, not finish something every week. Finishing isn't the point, here ... just getting off my butt and crafting regularly is the point. Making it a craft habit, instead of a craft binge cycle.

Want to craft with me? (Or fall on your face with me? I might, you know — my record's not so sterling. ;)) Check out the rules, which basically say: Be free! Set your own goal, come and go from the challenge as you choose. Just check in here once a week on the Sunday roundup post with the info to show me who you are, and what you crafted. POOF!

This is the official sign-up post. If you haven't posted all your relevant info already, leave a comment here with it. I need:
  • Your name
  • The link/URL to an Internetty place of your choice that will identify you as you, like your Twitter account, your Web site, or your blog, etc. This will be linked to your name whenever it's mentioned.
  • Your Craft or Bust goal: This can be anything, e.g., "craft for 12 weeks straight," "finish my grandma's sweater," "complete 10 paintings," "try a new crafty technique every week," or even "feel like a real creative person." Whatever inspires you!
Then I'll add you to the roster, which will be linked from the official rules page — a.k.a. the Center of All Info CoB-Related (and thus also the page you should link to if you need to send people here).

My info would look like this:

Name: Crystal (Silver)
Identifying link: http://quicksilvercrafter.blogspot.com; Twitter account: Impstar (I'll assume that if you leave more than one piece of information, the first one is your most identifying piece.)
Craft or Bust Goal: To craft every single week of 2010 and thereby keep my crafty productivity flowing. This should help me make another goal — feeling like a Real Creative Person.

Signing up today counts as your check-in for what I'm going to call Week 0.5 of 2010. ;) If you've done something crafty in 2010 already, go right ahead and talk about it in your check-in — I'll mark it as "bonus points" for supercrafter effort. Added to clarify: Anything you do from now through the approaching Saturday-which-has-not-happened-yet will count toward Week 1. /end clarifying additional stuff

Mumble: I'm off to a great start, what with other CoB players posting in their blogs before I do the official kick-off, aren't I? ;) Well, begin as you mean to go on — and I'm beginning by going on anyway, even if my aim's a little off.

You know, someone basically asked me on Facebook what the point of this is — don't I craft every day already? To which the answer is an emphatic "I wish!" If I'd gotten into the habit a long time ago, I probably would. But other things have taken precedence for most of my life — school, work, other people's drama. You know. So this is about being dedicated to Me Time and to feeding my crafty soul for purposes of being a better crafty businessperson.

(Still haven't read the rules? If you were waffling earlier, here's the link again, just in case you changed your mind. ;))

Bonus Craftigoodness for Today:

I fell into Craft zine yesterday while fanning my crafty flame, and found a bunch of things I want to try during Craft or Bust 2010:
Other inspiration/useful links: Coming next week: My first tutorial! What will it be??? Your guess is as good as mine — really...
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