Jan 19, 2010

Cool crafty links to start the week off right

Some neat crafty links to spur you on and inspire you as the week begins. (Okay, so I'm a day late, but we haven't gotten to Wednesday yet, so it's still the beginning of the week.)

Pro Weaving, Odd Stuff

The Odd Weavings blog is written by Kerstin på Spinnhuset, a professional weaver in Sweden, and houses some really interesting tidbits, like some photos of old wooden loom reeds and woven bread. Kerstin calls herself the laziest weaver ever, so it's a nice blog to visit for those of us who hanker to be superweavers but who make mistakes or have lazy spells ... because she shows how she compensates for her own less-than-perfect moments — with appealing results. The blog isn't updated that often, but there have been two posts this month, so maybe if we go over and leave her some good comments, she'll realize there are people watching and caring. ;)

Nature-Inspired Knitting Patterns

KnitChicGrace's Etsy shop has knitting patterns with the coolest nature-inspired lace and cable patterns. I want, like, all of them.

Knitting Trick: Garter Stitch in the Round ... Without Purls

Fleegle's blog features a trick designed for Shetland shawl knitters, but probably useful to knitters of other things knit in the round (cowls? mittens? sweaters?). The Fleegle corner trick involves using two balls of yarn to knit a garter stitch border in the round. Scroll down in the blog post for the actual directions. They take a little thinking, or maybe a little doing would help, since I'm just sitting here reading them rather than trying to do my own garter stitch in the round ... but it's worth taking a look at.
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