Jan 1, 2010

12 New Year's lessons for a meaningful 2010

Reflections were a-flying last night, across the Internets, the blogosphere, the Twitterverse, etc. Lots of people had a lot of good thoughts; it would take a seeming eternity of blog posts to write about them all. As endless maundering isn't really what this blog is about, hey presto! I present here the lessons I gleaned from a few of the thoughtful word-packets released into the universe yesterday. You're welcome. ;D

From Build Your Online Empire with Connie Ragen Green
  • Do what you believe can’t be done.
  • It’s all right to take risks, and do what you think you can’t do.
From Christiane White on Twitter:
  • Remember to pamper yourself, dress up, and otherwise indulge in treats and special treatment. Everyone deserves to experience feeling special.
From Tara of The Organic Sister:
  • No situation or person is completely naked — so reserve judgement, because you don’t know what information you’re missing.
  • Your choices make a difference. Even small choices can lead to big change, and small changes can add up to a movement.
  • Try your best to do and be what you dream of, try even though and when it’s hard ... and have the courage and strength to realize when it’s time to stop spending energy on something.
  • Possibility is powerful. Remain open to what may come.
From Bill Walsh of The Slot:
  • Even though 2000 wasn’t the beginning of a new century or millennium, 2010 is the beginning of a new decade (because, silly humans that we are, we don’t count decades using the same system we count centuries or millennia).
  • ...But I’m still going to make up a new word to differentiate “decade” and “10-year period counted from the beginning of a century or millennium.” Pbbt.
From Bonnie Jeanne at PostMuse:
  • Projects that have lain dormant can still be resurrected into fulfilling and inspiring new(ish) projects. Don’t let unmet expectations and hopes turn a project negative for you; cherish it until it’s ready to be reborn.
  • Don’t be afraid to keep hold of things that other people think are meaningless — as long as they bring positivity to you, that’s what matters.
And from both Tara at Blonde Chicken and a casual tweet from author Elizabeth Bear:
  • Begin as you mean to go on.

Happy 2010. :D May it be more useful and meaningful than not.

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