Jan 6, 2010

I Dream of Handmade: a crafty-handmade wish list

Birthday giftIt's January, and that means it's birthday month! Also known as The Month I Have to Wait After Christmas to See Whether I Got the Really Good Stuff on My Wish List. As if I'm that patient. Part of the waiting strategy is window-shopping for stuff I might buy myself if there's a gaping hole in my life still apparent on January 27 (the day after my birthday). I'm not dissing the things I do get; I appreciate being appreciated. It's just that I can always use more of the creative, inspiring and truly glee-inducing stuff.

So here are some things I would have put on my wish list if I had seen them in time. All handmade stuff, all crafty goodness. Nom nom nom.

Go ahead. Take a look. (I'll forgive you if you buy something I want. Probably. ;))

And what about you? Did you get everything you wished for this Christmas (or Yule, or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or Eid, or ... you know)? Do you buy yourself the things you don't get from other people, or am I a lone freak in that?
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