Jan 10, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 1 check-in and roundup

Doh! Today hasn't gone completely as planned ... not in a bad way, just in a running-behind sort of way. ;) (The best laid plans of mice and crafters, and all.) So for those of you who want to check in for Craft or Bust, do it here. I'll come back and edit this post later this evening to include the roundup of last week's stuff, the roster, etc. This post has now reached enlightenment and is closer to the form it should have been in earlier. ;) Ahem.

Craft or Bust: The Requisite Photo Booth Image Welcome ... to the very first full Craft or Bust roundup! WOOHOO! PAR-TAY!

Fourteen lovely and slightly mad (in the “batty in a good way” sense) people are officially craftin' (not bustin') along with me as of right now. Welcome again, siblings in endurance crafting.

In case it wasn't clear from my oh-so-wondrous original instructions, each Sunday’s post will consist of two main parts:

  1. a roundup (a.k.a. summary) of the previous week's check-ins and crafty progress, and
  2. a check-in, which I’ll start by posting about what I’ve done since the last check-in; then you guys will post your comments about what you’ve done since the last check-in.
So whatever you posted about in last week’s check-in, I'll talk about it this week for people who didn’t go back and read all the comments. (A little like this week's paycheck is for the work you did two weeks ago...) Note that what goes in the check-ins is what definitely shows up in the roundup, so if you want me to post something, make sure you include it in your check-in comment. It would be convenient if I were so on the ball that I had time go to everyone’s blog posts and summarize them myself for the roundup — but I probably won't be that on the ball ... and dude, what if more people decide to craft with us? Imagine if there were 50 of us — there would go all my Saturdays. ;) And I will think on some level that I should go and summarize, even if my logical brain disagrees — so be nice, save a girl some neuroticism, and make sure to share in your comments what you want me to share with everyone else. ;)

So! For this week’s roundup, then, it's time for introductions of the people who joined last week, and their Craft or Bust goals. I declared sign-up week Week 0.5, since it was only a partial week and the Craft or Bust Project hadn’t started yet when I posted about it first. Ready for the first round-up? Here goes (in approximate order of sign-up ;)).

The Week 0.5 Round-Up: Introductions

Velma wants to craft all 52 weeks of 2010 and finish or frog all her pre-2010 Ravelry works in progress.

Elabeth wants to better document her crafting and make “lots of rad stuff.”

Diana wants to write up all her original designs.

Anna wants to craft all 52 weeks of the year.

Sarah wants to explore metalworking techniques, make her projects greener, start blogging, and finish a new project each week.

DeAnne wants to "get off her jewelrymaking ass" (go, sista!) and photograph more of her finished stuff so it can go into her Etsy shop.

Meredith wants to blog every week, try new crafts, and learn to take photos she’s willing to show other people (a good skill for playing on the Internet).

Vickie wants to craft more consistently (me, TOO!) — to finish things if possible, but to be able to let go of projects, too, if they just aren’t going to get finished.

Melinda wants to craft more intentionally, learn techniques that move her forward and that she can apply to a purpose, and finish things instead of leaving them half done.

Amber wants to work on knitting one project and spin four yarns every week — and finish a sweater every month.

Joni Rae wants to craft more often this year and get her goddess dolls into her Etsy shop.

Nic wants to craft something new every week, no matter what it is.

Luna wants to organize her super-variety of craft interests, focus more, experiment and explore wool in all its glory (and crafts ;)), photograph the process for her blog, design a Web site to market it all, and document the process every week. (Whew … Luna, you sound like me. ;D)

Angie wants to get her Etsy shop running — she needs to take some pics of her finished stuff! — clear out her unfinished projects, and take some ideas off the back burner make them real now.

You, my Craft or Bust buddies, are an awesome bunch, and I’m glad we’re all in this together. :D Having those extra eyes watching is keeping me a little more crafty than I am with just myself, a boyfriend and two cats to answer to. Feel free to go visit each other’s sites and get to know each other — it’s the Craft or Bust pool of inspiration! (Speaking of which, have you joined the Craft or Bust Flickr pool?)

Here’s a link to the full roster. If you don’t see yourself on there and you should be, make sure you’ve posted your information on the sign-up post, and if you already have but you aren’t on the roster, e-mail me or tweet at me and tell me I’m a slacker. ;)

Week 1 Check-In: What Have You Done Lately? (Jan 3–9)

To answer my own question, this week I...
Wednesday was my crap-out day, on which I got nothing done, but that’s not so bad … I got a lot more done during the rest of the week than I thought I would. :D

Your turn! Week 1 covers Sunday, January 3 through Saturday, January 9 — what did you craft during Week 1? Post your name, ID, crafty update, and any links you want me to share in my next roundup! (and don’t forget to post your pics to the Flickr pool)
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