Jan 27, 2010

Dyeing the TwitKAL fiber, part two

State of the TwitKAL fiber: dyed and dry, but as yet unspun. I'm hoping I'll get up the gumption to try spinning it tonight, but in case I fail miserably at the spinny idea, I now have backup yarn.

Backup yarn for TwitKAL

It's Jojoland Melody Superwash, which I bought when I stopped in at Needles and Knobs yesterday — finally. They opened, like, a month after I moved out of St. Petersburg, which is where I'd lived for, ohhh, 20something years at that point. And of course they opened like four blocks from where I lived right before I moved. Of course. Ahem. Anyway.

It's such a pretty yarn that I kind of want to sell out and cast on for the TwitKAL with it, but then there's my pretty fiber. Let's check out how that came along, shall we? Here it is in the dyepots (where, in fact, I did not dye one batch of black and two batches of almost the same bluey purpley color, no matter what my camera or my screen say — you can see the difference, right?):

Dyeing TwitKAL roving
Dyeing TwitKAL roving
Dyeing TwitKAL roving

The blacky color is really a dark dark green. It's rather an "oops" color, since I didn't mean to dye it that dark, but I didn't realize the dye was in chunks instead of well-behaved powder form until I tapped the jar of dye over the pot (I know — I was being very precise and scientific). Let's just say that my amazingly controlled methodology resulted in a rather larger chunk of dye falling into the pot than I intended. You can even see the bit of the pot that was in the splash zone. Doh.

I'm not sure what the darkdark green will come out like when I spin it, but here's what the roving all looked like once it finished drying.



Since I have a couple of votes for spinning rather than selling out, I'll definitely at least give it a shot. More on that in a future post, with shiny new pictures, too.
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