Jan 4, 2010

Kumihimo saves, mailbox fails

I crafted. And yea, the light shone down from above on the Land of Crafts, and the kumihimo gods declared that it was good. This, I did yesterday while watching the SO play Okami (a fun and rather Zen video game if I do say so — it has the awesome trait of encouraging you to do many small good things to help you build your skills; like real life, but, you know, praise is visible in the game ;)):

Kumihimo: 7-strand on a card

The cream is organic cotton and the green is wool. Not sure what it's going to turn into yet, but I was thinking necklace cord when I cut the yarn.

One cool thing about kumihimo is that it took, oh, 10 yards of yarn total to make this cord. Even the part of my brain that's stingy about using handspun can put up with that conversion rate.

Today was also the first mail day of 2010. (Anyone else notice that?) I have a rather late Christmas package on the way, so I wondered: What would the mailbox hold?


Alas. The answer: Only bills and spam.


Well. There's always tomorrow.
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