Jan 1, 2010

Fun with goal-setting: dreaming resolutions in haiku


I had good intentions. I wasn't going to spam the blog today. I was going to produce something physical, tangible — maybe spin yarn or paint a treasure box. Really. And I told myself I would try to save my "resolutions" post for when I had something really meaningful to say.

But the super-long blogospheric grapevine sucked me in and spat me out on the doorstep of Fashion Incubator's funny make your resolutions in haiku idea. And how could I resist? Inappropriate poetry is one of my favorite kinds (and haiku are almost as funny as limericks).

So here are mine. My "resolutions," let it be known, are not of the "do this or else feel bad" variety. I don't hold with the "resolutions are bad, goals are good" idea that some people have. I think resolving is a fine, admirable act.

Merriam-Webster online says it's, among other things, "the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones," "the act of answering: solving," "the act of determining," and "firmness of resolve." Those are all good things in my book. Even the jargony definitions hint at positive action:
  • "The point in a literary work at which the chief dramatic complication is worked out." (Wouldn't it be nice if this were the point at which complications vanished in a flash?)
  • "The process or capability of making distinguishable the individual parts of an object." (Breaking down a problem or goal is a good step on the way to achieving it.)
  • "A measure of the sharpness of an image." (Sounds like a poetic way to point out that your resolutions can measure how sharp your goal focus is.)
Ahem. Anyway. Seriousness aside, here are my haiku-ified resolutions. Can you guess what their un-haiku-flavored versions might be? And what would your resolutions look like in haiku form?
Oy! Too much fabric!
New rule: stuff into three bins.
Otherwise? Use it.

The globe is calling.
I’ll visit a special place
because I said so.

Savings are good stuff,
So I’ll add one thousand bucks
to my stash this year.

Come hither, my friends!
My Web traffic must increase,
or else I’ll go broke.

Spruce up my products:
Back to myth and magic roots
I go; dream with me.

I’ve been a slacker.
Now I must check off five goals
from the waiting list.

Site needs revamping,
So with my new diploma—
Poof! pretty layout.

Biz charity rules,
and thus I must rule this year.
Good-will projects, go!

Feeling dull lately.
Brighter: art, mysticism.
Ahhh. Soul feels better.

Need identity!
Myself, my skills and business
will show off our cool.

I love green and clean,
But my Web host needs greening.
Research, then save Earth.
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