Jan 17, 2010

Craft or Bust Week 2 roundup and check-in (Jan 10-16)

First, the requisite link to the original directions, in case anybody wasn't clear on anything and wants to review. ;)

Next, welcome to the Week 2 Craft or Bust check-in and roundup! As usual, this post will consist of a summary of last week's check-ins (that's the roundup part) and then it'll be check-in time, meaning I'll write about what I crafted in the past week (January 10-16), then you leave your comments on what you crafted. (Eventually I'll stop repeating myself quite as much; just figured it's still early in the game, so the rules aren't set in all our brains yet...)

This week I'm also adding some Craft or Bust notes. Here they are:

New people

We're joined this week by a new crafter! Carol in Canberra is crafting along with us now, although I guess it won't be too much of a challenge for her, since she says she would have to sit on her hands not to craft every day (lucky ;)).

Your roster info

And since I was vague and unhelpful about this before, I should clarify that yes, you can totally have more than one link listed by your name on the roster. I just needed at least one for identification/linking purposes. If you give/gave me more than one link, I'll use the first one as your ID link. Or I'll use your blog link because I'm like that. Make sense? No? Clear as clouds?

Craft or Bust badge

I should also have mentioned this last week: Elabeth has made a nice Craft or Bust badge/button. She says anyone who wants to use it is free to, so there you go: Feel free! If anyone else makes one, awesome. (I'd love to see it in the Flickr pool, and don't forget to note whether you're letting other people use it or if you'd rather they not.)

How to make live links

Vickie asked on last week's check-in about how to link her URLs instead of leaving the full URL in the comment, which you do by using the following code: <a href="http://www.yourfulllinkhere.com">Your Linked Text Here</a>

Making things nice for the organizer

That said, it's easier for me as Ye Olde Summarizer and Rounder-Upper if you post the full URLs to things you want me to link to. You can also link said URL(s) for the benefit of people reading the comments who might want a live link, of course. Here's why the full link is better for me, though: I've been copying and pasting everyone's comments into one place to write my roundups ... so if your links are hidden behind text rather than written out, I don't capture the linked URL in my copying and pasting. To get those links, I have to copy your comment and then separately copy each live link's URL.

Another thing that saves me some time is if you include your name and IDing URL with your check-in comments. Kinda like this:
Name: Crystal
ID link: http://quicksilvercrafter.blogspot.com
Week 2 check-in: This week I crafted lots of stuff. I knitted two blankets and saved an old lady who was crossing the street from a rampaging tangled ball of yarn. You can read about it here: http://quicksilvercrafter.blogspot.com/saved-that-lady.html.
That way I don't have to remember which Blogger ID goes with which person on the roster, if your name doesn't match your Blogger ID. (I might be able to remember the number of people we have right now, but if there were 50 people? Ha, ha ... It'd be a good memory exercise, I guess...) And if you include your ID link in the comment, I don't have to hunt that down to link to you, either. ;) Anyway. PSA over.

Craft or Bust charity post?

Finally, a question for everyone: What craft-related thing(s) have you done to contribute to the Haiti post-earthquake recovery? Did you put up a pattern on Ravelry's Help for Haiti? Did you do something else crafty? Mention it in your comments or drop me an e-mail letting me know, and if there's enough to write one, I'll do a special blog post with everybody's info, so we can all be inspired and maybe help each other help others. :D

Now ... Roundup time!

Week 1 Roundup: What We Crafted From Jan 3-9, a.k.a., Last Week

(Maybe if I get off my butt later, I'll put together a mosaic from the Flickr pool. Imagine it being all pretty right here.)
  • Velma was Miss Organized with her craft projects last week, and you can read about it here.
  • Meredith C, who made progress on two projects, also wrote two blog posts, one here and one here.
  • Diana went on a knitting retreat — oooOOooo — where she worked on some shooter's mitts, a top-down ribbed sweater, and a sample for a pattern she's writing.
  • Luna was a busy craftygoddess. She restarted a mitten that had visited the frog pond, finished a felted sheep (which you can see at her blog here), downloaded a groundhog-along pattern from Ravelry (what the HECK is that?), worked on a Web site design, and painted fun stuff at the new shop.
  • Anna took a bunch of photos for 365/Pictures, created her first piece of felt (yayyy! Firsts!), spun three yarns, created a craft journal, put up curtains, got out her sewing machine, started prepping a craft area and her garden stuff, and worked on knitting a sock. Whew...
  • Elabeth made a new blog banner, a CoB badge (which she's kindly sharing with us, as mentioned above :D), knitted, and got stuff to make resin jewelry. Read about it at her blog.
  • Sarah was out of town, and alas, without craft supplies ... aside from the ones she bought. ;D
  • Vickie started three plaster shrines and worked on the stuff to go in them. Then she went camping. (No fair. This would be the time for it, here in Florida, too ... unless you like mosquitos.)
Did I miss anyone in my first full roundup? Still working out the kinks, so let me know if I did. And now that we're all warmed up, it's time to talk about this week. :D

Week 2 Check-In: What Have You Done Lately? (Jan 10–16)

This week was a little less productive for me than last week, but I started classes online again, so I guess that's not really a surprise. Grumble...

Sunday, I warped my Cricket for a swap scarf:

Weaving again at last

And finished the scarf:

Year in Pictures 2010 11/365: Handwoven swap scarf

I also worked on knitting a washcloth in the Elvish Leaves pattern.

Monday, I finally sat down and spun the singles for my Heart in the Skies yarn, which is earmarked for a knitting pattern I'm developing. (It's the revised version of this pattern. If you're interested in testing the pattern, which is for aran/worsted weight yarn, let me know...)

Sparkly sky blue yarn

I also finished the abovementioned washcloth.

Elvish Leaves washcloth

Tuesday, I finished plying the Heart in the Skies yarn.

Heart in the Skies handspun

...and started knitting the abovementioned wristwarmers.

Princess wristwarmers, redux

Wednesday I did NIL! It seems like Wednesdays are my off days...

Thursday and Friday were eaten by homework, which is arguably creative, but not exactly what I'd call crafting. Actually, I think one of those days, I worked on customizing my computer desktop/wallpaper in Illustrator, which is all I got done on Saturday, aside from shopping for Help for Haiti patterns on Ravelry.

So what did YOU craft this week?
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