Jan 20, 2010

Survey: What do you want to know about other crafty businesses?

Letter-writingDreaming up new things, I am. New things for you guys (all two of you ;)), and for the crafty/businessy community at large.

I want to start a new interview column here at the blog.

Inspired by Erin's post about not fitting the "Etsy mold," and by the cries of other Etsians who worry that they'll never make the front page because they're not the right style, I want to feature non-moldy* Etsy sellers (and if there are crafty business owners out there who aren't on Etsy and need more exposure, well, I just might feature them, too ;)).

So what I want to know is, what do YOU want to know? If you could ask any question of crafty business owners, what would you ask?

Leave a comment on this post and let me know your burning questions about crafty businesses. Your unasked, unanswered questions just might make it into the interviews.

*Not that mold is bad. Mold is necessary for cheese, and who doesn't like cheese? (HUSH, cheese naysayers!)
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