Jan 8, 2007

Spin to Knit January skein is fin

It's my first try at laceweight that's actually made it off the spindle and been plied and measured, and since my partner likes natural-colored yarns (yayyy!), I spun it of some of the cream-colored Columbia roving left over from my order from the Breed Swap. It actually came out at 16 wraps per inch, as far as I can tell with my semi-inept but not completely idiotic attempt at measuring wpi on my ruler, which is fingering weight, but I don't think that's too bad, considering it's my first real try at laceweight. No photo yet, since as usual I'm a lazy freak. And apparently I'm prone to long sentences with lots of commas today. ;) Oh, and I also made my first trial of "handy plying", which worked better than my previous plying method of winding a skein into a center-pull ball and plying from the inside and outside at once.

Isn't it exciting that I'm this far ahead of schedule on something that isn't due till the end of the month? ;) I'm soooo cool right now. ;D (Or not, but it's good to have a positive delusion for once. ;))

I'm also working on a gray-brown alpaca yarn for the Spin to Knit swap. If I finish it early enough, my partner may get two skeins for January ... with colored skeins planned for February. I finally heard from my own Spin to Knit swap partner, too, meaning the one who's sending to me. Now, if only there were more news on the Breed Swap...
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