Jan 15, 2007

Mixed bag day so far

But let's try to inundate me with reminders of the nice things, shall we? ;)

For one, I'm trading someone a couple of ounces of that nice Columbia roving for a hairpin lace loom. I have no idea what it looks like, and it could be one of the little plastic ones, but it's better than not having one at all, right? Unless it's like that thing I suddenly can't remember the name of that you use to make wire shapes -- the basics of it being that it's a squarish thing with holes in it, that you put different-sized pegs into in different formations, then wrap wire around the pegs to make consistent shapes for jewelrymaking, etc. I have two of them and I can't remember what they're called right now, which is silly considering I've been making jewelry for much longer than knitting or spinning ... bah. ;) Anyway, having the cheap version of that is not better than having a more expensive version, because, as someone on one of my jewelry mailing lists said, "The only purpose of the (cheap) purple one seems to be to frustrate you." ;) Hopefully, whatever this hairpin lace loom looks like, it'll be better than nothing. And hopefully I can use it to make things like this hairpin lace skirt, which I think is the reason I suddenly wanted to know how to do hairpin lace to begin with.

I also just discovered that a bag of fiber I had sitting in a basket is, in fact, white alpaca and not white llama. I find this quite exciting, since I like alpaca better than llama, at least when it's raw fiber with potential llama guard hairs still in. ;) I know I do have some raw llama around here somewhere, but maybe it's actually brown...

It's also a lovely day outside and I should go sit in it before it goes away. I'm tired of being inside and only seeing sunlight filtered through glass. Maybe I'll go knit my first chemo cap for Caps for a Cure out on the patio.
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