Jan 12, 2007

Ring in the...

...Ne ... N ... Okay, I just can't make that horrible pun, so imagine horrible punnage here. ;) Ahem. Point being: I made a ring today! Woooo! I haven't wire-wrapped in a long while, not counting pendant bails and stitch markers. Here 'tis!

I'm calling it "Surfer Girl," although I'm an eejit and didn't manage to get the surferesque part of it in the shot very well -- there's a wave shape on the top above the center bead. I did manage to list it in my Etsy shop today, though, which I think gives this ring my personal best for shortest time from creation to listing.

And on the drive back, my brain took wire wrap and whirled off on a delta-shaped tangent full of beady, shiny, pretty spindles. I may not be the best wire-wrapper in the world, but I know I could put together a beautiful wire-wrapped spindle, now that I've thought of it.

If only my wire-wrapping stuff were here with me. Dangit. ;)
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