Jan 23, 2007

Light side, dark side ;)

I've always had Light Side/Dark Side issues, and here's an example from the past two days: yesterday I hand carded a bunch of wool. Then I tried to spin some of it and it came out idiotically lumpy and bumpy and icky (though, admittedly, I was simultaneously re-trying two of my earlier polymer clay spindle designs to see if they actually worked, which ... I'm voting "not really" on ;)). So I tentatively decided that I suck at hand carding and need more practice, or maybe my cheater method is the inadequate part, dunno. Other people are using it and seem fine, so more likely it's me. That's the Dark Side -- thoughts of fiber artist/dexterous inadequacy.

Then today someone bought something from my Etsy shop. ::light shines down from the heavens:: It has nothing to do with the fiber arts, but it surely reflects my creative side, so I suddenly feel vindicated again -- look, people like my things! I need to list more Things so people can enjoy them and I can be happier, too! ;) That's the Light Side.

And that's today's example of the Quicksilver Crafter's Light Side/Dark Side issues, craft-flavored. Woo.

In other randomness, I think I'd like to join the UFO Knit Club. I did just finish my eyelet skirt, which has been a WIP for maybe a yearish -- or is it two? And that was one of my larger projects; maybe the momentum will help me keep going ... ;) Eyelet skirt, BTW:

I don't really thank the cat for waking me up at five a.m. insisting to be fed, but at least I did use my insomnia to finish something, and something selfish, at that. Just in time for Birthday Week! :D
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