Jan 22, 2007

Feeling spacey

Especially as far as what craftishness to go for today. There are a million and one things I could be doing, but none of them stand out. I'd like to wash some fleeces, but then I'd have to make space for letting them dry, and then I'd feel like I needed to process them immediately after ... and I already have one washed fleece sitting around waiting for me to comb the rest of it. ;) Maybe I should stop trying to use the fairly common "Process it all and then spin it all" method. I might just be a more bit-by-bit gal ... and who knows? If I'm spincrazy like I'm crazy with other things, it might even be faster that way for me...

On the other hand, thinking about washing fleeces makes me remember I have stupid amounts of fiber to spin already, and then I want to spin. But also because I'm an obsessed eejit with a mercurial brain, I have a million spinning projects started already and I have hardly an appropriate spindle for the new ones I want to start. (Note to self: It is still a good idea to try to finish new projects as fast as possible, this being a variant of the "Do it while you're enthusiastic/thinking about it and it will actually get done" rule. ;)) Then I think about making new spindles, which makes me think about making other things with polymer clay, which makes me think about jewelry...

And like I said: I'm not really distinctly in the mood for anything specific. Possibly I should attempt to do something other than crafting when I'm like this. Gasp! But what else shall I do? Shall I actually start reading again? ;)

I found out this weekend, too, that someone I know has a wood lathe. Cackle! I shall pester him about spindles next time I see him. I only need, like ... four new ones ... for now ... right? ;)
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