Jan 17, 2007

Caps and swaps and stitch markers, oh my

The most original title in the world, I know. ;)

Yesterday I finished my first hat for Caps for a Cure. Here's Brian modeling it with a silly expression and a bit of redeye that I find kinda cute:

It's a spiral rib pattern, which I like the look of, but probably won't utilize too often because it's a bit slow, like seed stitch, and we all know that if I don't finish things lickety-split, I get derailed and they take five times longer than they should -- well, than *I* should, anyway. Next up, my Etsy sellers swap that got sent yesterday:

And finally, speaking of Etsy, some stitch markers I'm going to put up on Etsy shortly:

There's also a non-felted crane in the Knit Not War pattern that I made yesterday as a test and is now waiting to be properly photographed. The things use virtually no yarn and are quick to knit, so I likes, though I might play with the cast on method for my next ones. I've never gotten to felt anything, either, so that'll be fun ... when I get to it.
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