Jan 12, 2007

Mystery gauge swatch

"WooooOOOOooo, spoooooky," as Brian would say. ;) Isn't that yarn pretty? Big thanks to my mystery skein swap partner for sending me such nice yarn to play with. I'm quite enjoying it. :D

I even got my gauge right on the second try, though I had to buy new needles for it. For once I'm knitting with the size needles on the pattern ... It's almost alarming. ;) I console myself with the knowledge that this book contains patterns classified as bulky weight that reference worsted weight yarn, and the other way around ... Silly book plainly has no sense of size.

I'm hoping there'll be enough left over of the yarn to make another project once this one is done, too. Waha! And I even have till March to get this stuff finished. Obviously, I have to finish it faaar in advance of the deadline, however, 'cause if I wait, it'll get done the week before it's due.
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