Jan 24, 2007

Hurray! My hakama pattern is here!

That means I need fabric now. ;) Must ... look ... at pattern ... once I have a mug of hot chocolate, or maybe cider, to sit down with.

Requisite jazzing-up-of-text photo is of the outside of a shrine I was supposed to have sent ages ago, and which has been finished for slightly shorter ages, but which Must go out with extra apology goodies and has thus been languishing slightly.

I finally put together said apology goodies, but of course it's raining today and the lighting was crap, so my photo of the inside of the shrine is flashtastic, and then the camera started whinging about batteries, so a good photo of the inside must wait. Hopefully tomorrow, then sendage, along with my Spin to Knit handspun skein and the ring that someone kindly bought from me through Etsy.
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