Jan 11, 2007

One, two ... one, two...

As part of my stash exercise program, I've made a list of UFOs that I can find, or if I can't find them since they're buried in the stash itself, that I can remember. ;) Bear with my pointlessly wishy-washy categorizations; the wishy-washiness makes me feel better about my semi-arbitrary but still obligatory classification habit.

Largish projects

*Cotton A-line skirt - me
*Black alpaca lace shawl - Beth
*”Garden” Mystery Pi shawl - me
*Licorice vest - me
*Purple lace shawl - ? {frog and make socks from the yarn, using the shawl pattern for some other yarn?}
*Moonlight Mohair cape - me
*Yellow square-neck tank top - Mom
*Black and white lacy sweater - me {frog and turn into a Coco jacket?}

Mediumish projects

*Cabled chenille scarf - Virginia
*Eyelet spiral socks - (It's a gift!)
*Felted tricorn - me
*Branching Out scarf - Shari (whose birthday gift for this year just arrived today :D)
*Furry magic scarf - me {frog and turn into a lacy shawl on large needles?}

Smallish projects

*Cabled cozy socks - Brian
*Chenille fingerless gloves - me

Sadly enough, that's actually less than I thought I had on needles (and probably is a few less than I really do, since there are doubtless buried and forgotten things somewhere in the stash swamp), particularly since I know a lot of those are reeeaaallly close to being done, except for a small matter of a few more rows, or some niggly little thing that I was too impatient to do right at the time I was originally knitting (not that I would leave a vest done except for attaching the ribbing, or anything)...

Also, the Sexy Knitters Club is having a double knitalong, and while my thrifty side knows I should knit Eiffel because the pattern is free, I really like Wicked more, particularly in the short-sleeved and pocketed version. As per the stash exercise program, I am required only to knit those things for myself which I actively like, not things about which I feel lukewarm and which I'm knitting "for the experience." My problem now is that I can't decide if I actually like Wicked enough to spend money on yarn for it -- since I don't have yarn in my stash that would really work for it. (Okay, I could make a bizarre wool/wool blend stripey version, but would I actually wear that once it was finished? I might, but then ... I might not. That's part of the question. ;))

And! Someday I'd like to try hairpin lace. I'm currently on the hunt for hairpin lace loom building instructions, because I iz po' and it's one more thing I could ask someone to make me who is also po' and is looking for a gift to give me for my birthday. ;) I know, they don't cost that much (and these are rather pretty, too), but that's still money I don't really have at the moment.

Finally, an on-the-head photo of my soy/wool Calorimetry:

Huzzah for knitting things for myself. ;)
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