Jan 5, 2007

Mismatched mittens and magic

Ben's bizarre mismatched Christmas mittens are finally finished. Voila!

They're stashbusters, and as Ben doesn't mind the strange mismatching, so I went boldly ahead and made them random and strange. ;) The pattern is Manly Mitts from Knitty, except that I encountered one of the dangers of hurriedly hand-copying patterns off the computer screen: I left out some increase row repeats in the thumb gusset and the thumbs are thus a completely different size than they should be. Oops. I offered to re-do them, but Ben says they fit fine, so there it is. For personal reference, I used the length measurements for large mittens, but the width measurements for the smaller version, because Ben has long, skinny hands.

And here's my finished spinner's magic yarn ball, all wrapped up in ribbon and ready to go:

It went out just after Christmas, but Internet access has been sporadic, so I haven't had much chance to upload and post.

And because I am having a fit of gratuitous self-indulgence, here are two Christmas photos, one of Ben wearing a ribbon because I wanted to see if it fit on his head (it did, but not on Brian's ;)), and one of Brian wearing my father's new fishing hat -- not that my father fishes, but he does kayak. I had to take a photo to show Brian what his hair was doing, and despite the red-eye, the Pretty Brian Eyelashes effect is a happy bonus feature that I can also show him. Cheers. ;)

Ben wearing ribbon:

Brian with fishing hat:

And that's all for now, folks. More pretties to come next week ... I hope. ;)
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