Apr 19, 2007

The Spring Genie tally

In the box, I found...

*6 personalized notecards, each different
*Kool-Aid packets for dyeing with
*jumbo clippie stitch markers
*a beachy tea-pot-shaped tea bag holder
*2 Sevi Kay natural lip balms
*fine-point Sharpies in pastel(? anyway, not standard ;)) colors
*pink socks with a Martini glass and a wine glass embroidered on
*green flower-embroidered springy hand towel
*pastel pink scoop hat (the kind useful for wearing while gardening ;D)
*a salsa mix variety pack: fruit salsa, super-hot salsa, and gourmet salsa
*Adult Pop "Gotta Get It Hits" CD
*clip with a sandal and my name (the kind you hang from your backpack or use as a keychain)
*flowery magnetic shopping list, magnets, and spiral-bound address book
*Luminessence rose-scented tulip pillar candle
*Hershey's Cacao Reserve dark chocolate truffles
*Aleeda Smoothie body wash and body cream set in Pineapple Mango
*New Delhi Tea & Coffee Co. raspberry white tea
*SBS Teas Decaf Cinilla Moon tea

Whew! Thank you, Secret Genie. :D
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