Apr 6, 2007

Mail IN! April 06, 2007

MAIL IN! WOO! ;) Guess what got here today? ;D

Received today:
*Yellow postcard from Billie Jo
*...and, obviously, the ROVING CARDER! That's it sitting on the cluttered table of projectage. It was slightly less crowded for about half an hour yesterday before Brian cleaned out the closet in his spastic quest to fit both our wardrobes in there.

For some reason, I didn't foresee the roving carder arriving at the last second on Friday before I went over to Brian's for the weekend, so I wasn't really sure what to do with it. I went with throwing the unopened box in the car with a random bag of long-ago-washed Columbia that's been waiting patiently for processing.

I also bought a shoebox-sized amount of random destash fiber from someone today. Oops. ;) Well, everyone slips ... and hey, I'm not on a fiber diet yet. ;D

Tonight ... I shall play with the carder. Wahahahaha.
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