Apr 11, 2007

More art: Orient puzzle piece and Zetti ATC, plus a spinny challenge

This month's spinny challenge on Spindlitis is spinning non-wool fibers. Hmm. I do have a bunch of non-wool fibers sitting around waiting for me to do something with them ... but I can't yet, since I'm on that UFO diet. ;)

Anyway, here's some more art I sent out today. One is that puzzle piece for a travel-themed puzzle to raise money for Robin, and the other is an attempt at Zetti-esque art for part of my Secret Spring Bunny swap.

I'm not entirely sure what "Zetti" actually means, but I based my attempt on what I got when I searched for "Zetti" on Flickr and Google, and tried to keep it something I actually liked at the same time. ;)
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