Apr 12, 2007

Blending experiment #2

Performed Fiber Blending Experiment #2 today: .1 oz the twice-carded gray spinning batt + .1 oz Berry Blue Kool-Aid Columbia roving + 2 hand carders = .2 oz cute foggy blue blend. The blue is much less loud and the gray much less severe in the blend, which is part of what I was going for. Although I was imagining a more streaky roving result (I like that not-fully-blended look), I definitely can't call this a disappointment. I think I'll card up the rest on the drum carder after I finish with Plankton, that 4.something oz of green hand-dyed Merino I bought from Ashley of Neauveau a while ago. I was planning on doing the box of Mystery Wool next, which I acquired in someone's destash, but that can wait while I make pretties, and it'll give me more time to consider dyeing it first.

For comparitive purposes, though, the blue mohair that gave me a little hand-carding trouble in Fiber Blending Experiment #1 was probably about as annoying to draft in places as the gray spinning bell was originally, though it may actually have been easier -- point being that after being carded twice, the former spinning bell was super-easy and quick to hand card with the (somewhat felted ... ::whistles innocently::) Columbia roving. Of course, I'll have to try spinning some of it before I can really pronounce this experiment a success, but regardless, it's been a pleasant ride so far. Oh, and for personal reference, it might actually be easier to card the Mystery Wool (and pull it into roving?) before dyeing, since I'll disarrange the fibers less if I dye them while they're already arranged, and then I won't end up with as many funny little lumps in my batt. Maybe?

Now, to get to finishing a project for someone who doesn't like lateness. (Too bad! I may consider running for Lateness Queen ... if I ever get around to it. ;)) Must not be bothered by other people's botherance, must be creative and enjoy the process regardless ... must enjoy ... must enjoy...

(Photos of Fiber Blend #2 forthcoming. Someday.)
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