Apr 27, 2007

Another woven tote and a washcloth

Here's that pink tote; interestingly enough, I managed to follow the color guidelines for Project Spectrum 2007 (the colors for April and May are green, yellow, and pink) without intending to.

I also knit a washcloth for the same swap as the purple tote went in:

The pattern is the "ballband dishcloth" from Mason-Dixon Knitting, and I like it so much I'm knitting another to go with the pink tote. The pattern was easy to memorize, looks interesting, changes enough to keep me from getting completely bored, and I can stop whenever I want, if I want to make a nonstandard-shaped washcloth, unlike with the circle dishcloth. And unlike the reverse mitered dishcloth, I don't have to increase constantly and make myself feel like the thing will never end, nor do I have to count constantly or risk messing the thing up. Yay for good washcloth patterns. Plus, I can use up funky scraps of yarn in this pattern for the "woven" bands, and it won't look horrid and random. This pattern is love. :D
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