Apr 20, 2007

The Corriedale wins

...today's drawing for "Which fleece shall I wash next?" This is a) because it's already sorted into smaller bags, so I don't have to break it up for washing, and b) it smells all sheepy and could use a nice cleaning.

I have it bagged up in interesting categories, too: Short, Medium, Nice, Long and Dirty, Long and Clean, and Try and See. ;) I'm going to weigh the bags before I decide which to do today, so they're dry and ready next week.

...Starting with (according to the seller) 4.5 lbs of fleece, which apparently skirted down to about 4 lbs. when I did it a while ago. Bags weigh as follows (in the plastic bag, with a small piece of paper in), in approximate order of niceness ;):

Nice: 3.6 oz
Long and Clean: 10.8 oz
Medium: 1 lb. 5.2 oz
Short: 10.1 oz
Long and Dirty: 14.5 oz
Try and See: 4.3 oz

I'll do "Long and Clean" and "Short" first. Here goes!

Hmm, this batch only needed one initial rinse soak, one soap soak, and two rinses, and the water was pretty much completely clear when I was done, unlike the still somewhat clouded final rinse water from the Romney/Dorset/Rambouillets. Nice! I can use the final rinse water for the next batch's first rinse water. I think I'll do ... "Nice" and "Medium" next. Whee!

All right, and now I've officially run out of room on the drying racks, so "Try and See" and "Long and Dirty" will have to wait till Monday. That's almost three pounds washed today. Whew.
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