Apr 13, 2007


I started on my box of Mystery Destash Fluffies last night and discovered that there are, in fact, different types of wool in the box, although they're all pretty much the same color. Eep. ;) I'm trying as much as I can to separate out the different types, but since I don't know what any of it actually is, I'm probably going to end up labeling them all "mystery wool" regardless of whether I succeed in efficiently separating them.

Anyway, I had fun carding up a storm while Brian looked for a job online; I made about seven batts of some unknown weight, since my scale isn't at Brian's. The first wool I picked was terribly easy to card, but not very soft. I should probably try to make a socky blend out of it. This weekend will probably involve some dyeing of carded fibers for future blending, and I ought to finally take some photos of the awesome Spin to Knit orphan handspun goodies I got, and the Spring Bunny swap goodies, too.

Maybe I'll be able to convince myself to wash some fleece today. :D

[Added 11:58 a.m.:] I am going to see how much of a start I can make on the list of semi-abandoned fleeces. I wonder how much I can wash before I have to leave to pick Brian up ... and whether I'll have enough room to lay it all out! (Ready ... go!)
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